The bicycle as a “company vehicle” protects the climate and promotes health.

Climate protection is playing an increasingly important role at WIKA. The topic goes far beyond optimising one’s own processes and developing appropriate measurement technology for our customers. E-mobility, bicycle leasing and the sustainability team’s flower campaign are examples of climate protection that demonstrate this.

Additional charging stations for WIKA employees

Charging your electric car while you work – this is well received by WIKA employees.

WIKA supports the e-mobility of its employees, who are increasingly driving to work in electric cars. As in the subsidiaries in Switzerland and the USA, charging stations are now available for employees at the headquarters in Klingenberg. There are six columns with a total of twelve charging points, each offering a charging capacity of at least eleven kilowatt hours.

Users register with their time card and an app they install. If someone would like to use one of the charging points, they can reserve one of four possible time slots using the reservation tool. This means that as many employees as possible can charge their vehicles during working hours.

To foster climate protection: bike to work

Bicycle leasing at WIKA offers two positive aspects: It contributes to climate protection and also promotes the health of employees. The conclusion of a corresponding collective agreement by the Bavarian Metal and Electrical Industry paved the way for bicycle leasing. When choosing its leasing partner, WIKA chose the market leader, JobRad. WIKA employees can engage with one of over 6,000 JobRad specialist retail partners on-site or online, select a bicycle and order their bike of choice. From a robust touring bike to a high-tech racing bike and cargo bike to an e-bike, anything is possible. The application is checked and approved by WIKA. And to ensure that the new wheels do not “get legs”, WIKA donates a lock to each bicycle.

Wild flowers and herbs to preserve biodiversity

Planting open areas also contributes to climate protection.

Sowing “bee plants” and revitalising empty areas was the goal of an action by the sustainability team.

Numerous de-sealing campaigns in cities underline the fact that surface planting promotes climate protection. A flower campaign by the sustainability team at WIKA also contributed to insect preservation. Three trainees, as well as girls and boys from the company’s own daycare centre, WIKalino, eagerly helped to spread seed mixtures for wild flowers and herbs on company premises and on a mobile home parking space.

The flower seeds were left over on WIKA Experience Day 2022, but were still to unfold their positive effect. Wild flowers and herbs offer all insects, but especially bees and bumblebees, an optimal source of food. In this way, in view of the decline in biodiversity among insects, which also affects other animal species, the sustainability team also has “sown” an initial understanding of this issue among the WIKAlino children.

Further information on WIKA’s sustainability strategy can be found on WIKA website.

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