WIKA Chile provided information on the subject of hydrogen at the Chilean-German forum.

At the Chilean-German forum “German technologies for the development of green hydrogen”, WIKA Chile presented the company as a competent measurement technology partner for “H2V” with a stand and in a presentation on the subject. In this case, the V stands for “verde”, i.e. “green”. The success of the subsidiary’s appearance was evident immediately afterwards.

Six German companies specialising in green hydrogen, the Chilean Ministry of Energy and the German electricity grid operator were represented at the forum. The audience consisted of environmental experts, suppliers, engineering companies and government officials. The WIKA subsidiary therefore encountered a highly interesting target group.

WIKA Chile showed the opportunities and risks of hydrogen

Rafael Rodriguez, Head of WIKA Chile, gave the presentation, which was created in cooperation with the H2 experts from WIKA’s headquarters. The presentation showed the opportunities, risks and challenges of hydrogen as an energy source – the production of green hydrogen, for example, requires large amounts of electrical energy. Whether the outcome really is “green” depends to a large extent on how well-sealed the systems are. The presentation therefore also mentioned the problems with fugitive emissions in the hydrogen value chain as well as with the SF6 gas used as an insulating gas in switchgear in the production of electricity.

In Chile, there are, at present, no regulations that limit the fugitive emissions of H2 or SF6. Nonetheless, the aim is to incorporate the full range of “best practices” in the planning of facilities. This is much easier in advance than later, when the subsequent regulations have to be implemented in existing systems. In terms of WIKA solutions, the presentation mentioned both the EMICO measuring system (combination of pressure gauge and fugitive emission version valve) and the comprehensive WIKA portfolio for SF6 monitoring.

Twelve company meetings at management level followed

WIKA Chile’s presentation on the subject of hydrogen made an impression. This could be seen from the fact that twelve company meetings at management level followed. The subsidiary also made important contacts at a reception at the German embassy. They will promote future collaboration with the Chilean Hydrogen Association.

Further information on the subject of hydrogen and WIKA’s H2 portfolio can be found on the WIKA website. If you have any questions, your contact will gladly help you.

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