Measurement technology in compressors

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Measurement technology in compressors

The measurement technology used in compressors is tending to increase more and more. And for good reason. The balancing act between increased compressed air demands and reduced energy consumption also depends, to a large extent, on the intelligent use of measuring …

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Level sensors – the agony of choice?

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scheme: Level measurement

If one is looking for a level sensor, one can be quickly overwhelmed by the huge selection. A level sensor for limit level detection or continuous measurement can be ordered in a variety of technologies and design variants. But how do I find the right level sensor for …

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Grounding of hydrostatic level sensors

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3D grounding sign

Hydrostatic level sensors (also referred to as submersible pressure transmitter) are very often installed in outdoor applications, primarily in the water and wastewater industries, where open bodies of water, deep wells or boreholes are monitored. A good connection to …

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Level measurement in ground water

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woman with water bottle

The recovery of drinking water from ground water has top priority in many countries. In Germany, this method has a share of about 70 per cent in the water supply. The water drawn from depths of several hundred of meters below the earth’s surface is normally in …

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