Computer workstations are a characteristic of everyday working life.

Computer workstations are omnipresent in companies. At WIKA, too, they shape the day-to-day work of many employees. To this end, WIKA carried out a survey at all German locations, which yielded important, and sometimes surprising, information.

The majority of those who took part in the survey stated that they were disturbed by ambient noise at computer workstations. The comments of some employees showed that the first phase in an open-plan office, after a period of mobile working (in a quieter environment, mostly at home) due to the pandemic, was a challenge. This primarily affected computer workstations in the new Innovation Center.

Informative noise at computer workstations  

The analysis showed that this noise was not at harmful levels. The acoustic design of the offices in the Innovation Center features many noise-reducing measures. However, the good acoustics also mean that conversations between colleagues and those on the phone can be understood quite well. Research knows that noises containing information, such as conversations in the area, reduce concentration much more than constant noises of the same volume that are empty of content, for example the noise of an air conditioning system. A standard noise-level measurement alone will not help in this case. A more precise analysis of the acoustic situation therefore requires subjective methods.

Regular alternation between sitting and standing is recommended

Computer workstations are common in everyday working life.

Many computer workstations have a height-adjustable desk.

The majority of WIKA employees in Germany can work at an electrically height-adjustable desk. This makes it a straightforward matter to make individual adjustments to each workplace for desk-sharing purposes. However, how should staff make use of this height adjustment facility during the working day? Regular alternation between sitting and standing is recommended, and the settings for the optimal desk height for sitting and standing can be programmed in. It is advisable to stand about 20 minutes in every hour. According to the results of the survey, however, only a quarter of employees use the change of standing and sitting more than twice a day.

Different viewing distances

The majority of all computer workstations at WIKA are equipped with two flat screen monitors. Nevertheless, the laptop is often used as an additional, third screen. But different viewing distances lead to disorders. Therefore, it is better to use the laptop monitor only temporarily. The viewing distance to all monitors should be about the same, which should be possible without any problems thanks to the decoupled keyboard.

At WIKA, employees can take advantage of advice about screen precautions as part of the company medical examinations. If the medical assessment reveals the need for computer workplace glasses, you can have the visual aid adjusted by a contract optician, once the costs have been approved.

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