Award for energy saving in India

Micro Precision Products, a division of the WIKA Group in India, has received an award for innovative and versatile application of energy saving and energy efficiency methods. The award was presented by the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers Association (VDMA), which has a representative office in India.

The VDMA initially evaluated the nominated organisations on the basis of six criteria. These were annual turnover (large/medium/small), energy-saving initiatives already taken (especially for energy-intensive equipment), impact of initiatives, benefits to customers, share of renewable energy in total energy consumption, and energy management certifications and awards.

Taking these criteria into account, the VDMA recognised the following efforts by Micro throughout the plant:

  • the systematic and cost-effective commissioning of a solar plant with a total capacity of 1182 kWp (kilowatt peak)
  • systems for the reduction of the CO2 footprint
  • an efficient lighting system
  • automatic load distribution
  • a system for the monitoring of compressed air leakage

The management of Micro Precision Products – pictured at the award ceremony – sees the award as a confirmation of the company’s sense of responsibility, pioneering spirit and processes. The management of Micro are convinced – the future of business is a race for limited resources, and energy efficiency can win this race. 

You can learn more on the subject of energy saving energy at WIKA on our website

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