WIKA made investments in India.

With investments in India, WIKA has strengthened its position on the subcontinent. However, their purpose is not solely linked to the regional market – the subsidiaries there are also increasingly supplying companies in the wider WIKA Group.

New factory in Ghaziabad

In Ghaziabad near New Delhi, WIKA has built a state-of-the-art and highly efficient production facility (photo above). There, about 250 employees are manufacturing a range of products such as switches, transmitters and bellows systems. They also produce instrument components, for example cases, rings and bimetal modules. In addition, the factory houses an NABL-accredited calibration laboratory for the measurands pressure and temperature.

Tour of the new assembly lines in Pune.

At the Pune site, WIKA has commissioned new production lines for pressure gauge accessories.

Production capacities expanded

There is great need for pressure gauge accessories. The Pune location has therefore commissioned two new production lines for this product segment. Both lines are designed as per the Lean concept with a one-piece-flow methodology. They can be run flexibly to manufacture overpressure protectors, throttles, cocks and adapters

To achieve the objective of a lean organisation in Pune, WIKA India also set up a Lean Six Sigma room. In it, the LSS performance of all four of WIKA’s locations in India can be monitored and reviewed. The equipment needed for this comprises an MDI board, project trackers and a training calendar. The LSS room is also home to a small library covering topics of kaizen, the lean concept and Six Sigma.

A flow lab is among the investments in India.

Tour of the flow lab for the new switch (foreground) in Chennai.


The investments in India also include a flow laboratory

The investments in India also include a flow laboratory at Switzer in Chennai. Flow switches for sprinkler systems will be manufactured there in the future. A cross-functional team created the conditions to bring such a product, with international approvals (UL and FM), to the market. The project received the name of Fire Sprinkler Flow Detector (FSFD): The instrument detects the water flow in a sprinkler system after it has been activated, and it then issues a corresponding alarm signal. In high-rise buildings, potentially at least one flow switch per floor is needed.

Building consultants, system integrators and OEMs involved in firefighting or fire safety are the target group for this model FSFD. For marketing purposes, WIKA has already begun to register this switch in the lists of approved vendors to building consultancy businesses. 

Further information on WIKA India can be found on the WIKA website. There you will also find an overview of flow switches and also pressure gauges and accessories. You would like to buy the products? In our WIKA online-shop you will find some of our standard-designs. Should you have any further questions on this, your contact will be at your disposal.

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