Digital indicators with different digits

Besides 3- and 4-digit digital indicators, there are also 3 1/2-digit indicators available in the market. But what is a 1/2 digit?

A full digit can indicate all numbers from “0” to “9”. A 1/2 digit, in contrast, can only display a “1”, a number “2” or higher is not possible. With a 3 1/2-digit digital indicator, the indicatable range of values is thus significantly limited in comparison with a 4-digit indicator.

Thus, on the one hand, the maximum of the indicatable range of values is only 1999 rather than 9999. On the other hand, no negative values can be indicated, since the minus sign cannot be displayed in the first position. Therefore, the minimum of the indicatable range of values is 0 instead of -1999.

An exception to the limitation of the indicatable negative value range is represented by indicators that have a separate space for the display of the sign. Displays with this characteristic can therefore also indicate values down to -1999.

Number of digits
3-digit indicator3 1/2-digit indicator
4-digit indicator
Representation3-stellige Anzeige3,5 stellige Anzeige4-stellige Anzeige
Max. scale range, standard
Max. scale range with separate sign
Max. number of positions after decimal point233

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