Chain hoist test set FRKPS

Chain hoists are used for lifting and lowering freely moving loads. As a lifting device, the chain hoist supports, for example, ergonomic lifting during assembly work or even makes this possible in the first place. Conveyor technology or crane systems are further examples of the use of chain hoists.

Like all hoists, chain hoists are subject to recurrent testing in accordance with the work equipment directive (2009/104/EG) of the EU. If the overload protection is also mechanical and designed in the form of a friction clutch, only the FRKPS from WIKA can be considered for the test. In the abbreviation FRKPS the “F” stands for “Force” which identifies the device as a force transducer. The “RKPS”, which follows, abbreviates the German “Rutschkupplungsprüfset” (friction clutch test set).

Chain hoist test set, also for section steel chains

The friction clutch on chain hoists should be checked regularly to ensure the safety of people and machines. It is also important to ensure that the reliability of the application is always guaranteed. Minimal downtimes and low maintenance and service outlay are the goal. The DGUV (German social accident insurance) also stipulates that all lifting equipment must be checked regularly. However, users can save themselves the awkward handling of weights by using the FRKPS chain hoist test set. This is also suitable for chain hoists with chain links made of section steel.

Principle of operation of a chain hoist test set

The FRKPS consists of a force transducer, a display unit and the guide sleeves suitable for the respective chain thickness. In order to check the release force of the friction clutch, the force transducer is hooked into the chain together with the appropriate adapter sleeve. Then they move upwards together against the bottom of the chain hoist and block the chain. The force transducer measures the maximum force until the friction clutch is activated and transmits this value to the display unit. The user can read it off easily there. Up to 99 data sets can be saved. This eliminates the major effort required when working with test weights.

Scope of performance of the chain hoist test set

The force transducer covers a measuring range from 40 kg to 3,500 kg. In order to be able to use the FRKPS in rough environmental conditions without any problems, the force transducer meets the high ingress protection of IP67. The greatest possible insensitivity of the force transducer to parasitic forces and moments is ensured by the design as a shear beam load cell. The display unit can also be easily operated with gloves due to large buttons. The complete system consisting of force transducer, two adapter sleeves for section steel chains and display unit is delivered in a practical and sturdy case. The FRKPS chain hoist test set combines simple operation with robustness for friction clutches on chain hoists.

Further information on this topic can be found in the flyer “Test set for checking friction clutches on chain hoists”. Details of our model FRKPS chain hoist test set can be found on the WIKA website.

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