WIKA has given its stainless steel pressure gauges and thermometers a facelift.

New look plus enhanced functionality: WIKA has given its stainless steel pressure gauges and mechanical thermometers a comprehensive facelift. Customers benefit from this in several ways and at no extra cost. For example, they can use a QR code on the dial to open a product passport with customised instrument data and access to technical documents. No comparable instrument on the market offers this digital function. Components in the brand-typical WIKA blue colour also show the customer, at first glance, that this is a WIKA product of proven quality and not a counterfeit. You can find out how the facelift improves the use of the instrument in detail here:

1. Clear instrument identification – digital product data thanks to QR code

The stainless steel pressure gauges and thermometers have a QR code on the dial. Customers only need to scan it and they immediately gain access to a product passport with all the important information for unambiguous instrument identification in accordance with IEC 61406. This function enables fast and error-free reordering and integration into existing systems, which considerably simplifies logistics.

2. Digital documentation – available anytime and anywhere

The technical information on the respective measuring instruments is now available digitally. Customers can use the QR code to access data sheets, operating instructions, certificates and approvals at any time. This digitalisation ensures immediate and uncomplicated access to the required documents and thus supports efficient use of the instruments. All documents are available in several languages and are always up to date.

3. Blue identity – increased counterfeit protection through distinctive design

Das markante Design der Edelstahl-Manometer und -thermometer erhöht die Fälschungssicherheit.

Components in the brand-typical WIKA blue colour make counterfeiting the measuring instruments difficult. The QR code on the dial opens a product passport with all the data for clear instrument identification, which also protects against counterfeiting. To familiarise yourself with the digital instrument features, simply scan the QR code shown.

Product piracy damages industry on a large scale. According to a study by the VDMA industry association, 72 per cent of German companies in the machine building and plant construction sector are affected (as of 2022). The study puts the loss of turnover at around 6.4 billion euros, which corresponds to around 29,000 jobs. Counterfeit WIKA measuring instruments are also repeatedly appearing on the market. Most of them come from Asia. WIKA uses all legal means at its disposal to take action against counterfeiters in order to protect its reputation and also to protect customers from damage caused by the inferior quality of counterfeit products.

The visual upgrade of the stainless steel pressure gauges and thermometers contributes significantly to security against product counterfeiting. All external elastomer parts are now in the brand-typical WIKA blue colour. This specific colouring of the window seal, the filling plug and the blow-out cover makes counterfeiting considerably more difficult. In addition, the new eleven-digit serial number, compliant with the IEC 61406 standard for the unique identification of physical objects, promotes the authenticity of each instrument.

4. Improved readability – sealing contour eliminates the risk of reflection

The blue window seal is the most striking visual feature of the facelift. Thanks to its new geometry and contour, there are no longer any metallic surfaces inside the case. The risk of reflection, which can occur in unfavourable light and impair the readability of the dial, is therefore eliminated. Clear reading of the measured value is thus guaranteed in every situation. This applies, in particular, to outdoor measuring locations that are exposed to sunlight.


Stainless steel pressure gauges and thermometers remain an indispensable part of process instrumentation, since they reliably provide a measured value without external energy. As the world market leader, WIKA has emphasised their importance with the facelift, and at the same time raised their functionality to a new level. For customers, this means:

  • Simple global product identification and reordering thanks to digital access to the product passport via QR code
  • Immediate access to technical documents via QR code
  • Protection against product counterfeiting thanks to visual upgrade and extended serial number
  • Improved readability of the dial
  • Added value without a price markup

On the WIKA website you will find further information on the relevant pressure gauges and thermometers. You can order standard versions directly in the WIKA online shop. On the website, you will also find an overview of other measurement solutions for the process industry. Should you have any further questions, your contact will gladly help you.      

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