The NAMUR working group for pressure and temperature visited WIKA.

The NAMUR working group 3.11 (pressure and temperature) was a guest at WIKA. NAMUR are an international user association of automation technology and digitalisation in the process industry.

The NAMUR working group started its two-day visit in May with a highlight: a guided tour of the new Innovation Center. At the headquarters, guests were also provided with in-depth information on both the company strategy with the new slogan “Smart in sensing” and IIoT solutions as well. The members of the working group were impressed, and also very interested, because digitalisation is also a central topic of the NAMUR association.

The second day was dedicated to the electrical temperature measurement works in Röllfeld. Among other things, the NAMUR working group received an introduction to the functionalities of the new model T38 temperature transmitter. This successor to the T32 is a crucial product for processes in the chemical industry in particular.

Among others, NAMUR working group 3.11 includes BASF, Covestro, DOW, Evonik, Ineos, Sasol and Tectrion – major decision-makers in the field of pressure and temperature measurement in the process industry. Tasks of the group include, for example, the formulation of requirements for automation solutions and participation in national and international standardisation.

On the WIKA website, you can get an overview of the product portfolio for the measured variables pressure and temperature. Furthermore, here you can also learn about specific offerings for the process industry. If you have any questions, your contact will gladly help you.

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