LED display with 4 digits

The characteristics of the display are an important selection criterion when deciding on a digital indicator. Here, there are different points that must be considered:

7-14-segment display

7-14-segment display

1. The number of segments

This concerns the segments used to display the numbers. The more segments used, the more detailed the presentation and the better the readability. The industry-standard 7-segment display is sufficient for most applications.





Display height

2. The height of the display

The height of the indicated numbers is crucial for the readability of the indicator. The greater the distance from where the indicated figure should be able to be read from, the more important is the corresponding height of the display values. With a height of 10 mm, the reading distance is approx. 3.5 m; at 20 mm it is approx. 7 m.  



3. The number of digits

The number of the digits that can be displayed, influences, to a great degree, the indicatable range of values and the level of detail of the displayed value. Alongside these full-digit versions, there are also specific solutions, such as 3 1/2-digit indicators. Please have a look at WIKAs digital indicators.

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