Smart: the diaphragm seal system with IO-Link for the food industry

The DSSA11SA diaphragm seal system with IO-Link enables companies in the food industry to carry out smart pressure measurement. The WIKA instrument meets the high requirements of hygienic standards. It also supports the pursuit of continual improvement and digitalisation of processes. The DSSA11SA diaphragm seal system can be easily adapted to application-specific needs due to its compactness, the powerful sensor and various other features. It can be used for pressure monitoring or as an electronic PNP/NPN switch for process control.

Hygienic and compact diaphragm seal system for the food industry

The diaphragm seal system has an impressively compact design. It enables space-saving installation even in cramped measuring locations. The clamp connection (TRI-CLAMP®) enables a simple and hygienic process connection. Due to the holistic consideration of the system, the EHEDG-certified (EL Class I) and 3-A marked design of the measuring system also features the prerequisites for use in sterile processes as well as in CIP and SIP processes.

Simple monitoring and diagnostics via IO-Link

The model DSSA11SA diaphragm seal system has an IO-Link communication interface, which is widespread in the food industry. It is therefore suitable for integration into intelligent machinery. The system also has diagnostic functions for monitoring the instrument status to ensure precise measurement results over the long term. Their information is displayed as a status overview in the master – defect, too high/low a pressure or temperature. A convenient external configuration of the properties is also possible via IO-Link.

Faster and more convenient maintenance with multicoloured status display

The diaphragm seal system can also be fitted with a 360° LED status display. This provides visual information about the sensor status and therefore enables error detection and troubleshooting that is as intuitive as it is fast. During maintenance, a flashing function via IO-Link facilitates the clear location of the diaphragm seal system. This prevents mix-ups and speeds up maintenance.

Setting of the switch points depending on the requirement

To use the DSSA11SA as one or two PNP/NPN switches, WIKA offers presetting of the switch points. However, the switch points can also be configured on-site. This is done either via IO-Link or with the help of the “Teach” function. Regardless of the (field) bus system used, information can be exchanged down to the field level via a serial protocol on an existing signal line.

On the WIKA website, you can find out more about the DSSA11SA diaphragm seal system with IO-Link, as well as other measuring solutions for the food industry. If you have any questions, your contact will gladly help you. Further information about IO-Link can be found on the relevant website.

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