Company values staged in front of the camera.

A willingness to change, fairness, trust, customer orientation, empowerment and teamwork – these are the company values that guide the entire WIKA Group. They were compiled from feedback obtained from colleagues during the company-wide culture survey.

Company values need to be brought to life in the everyday way we work together, involving each and every one of us. This is the only way of creating a vibrant experience, helping to shape the community vital to the successful implementation of WIKA’s 2030 Strategy. Therefore, WIKA set up the “Company Values & Leadership” project team. It is hard at work devising ways and actions to make these six values a tangible reality for every employee in the WIKA organisation.

“Mission & values” posters and “praise cards”

As one of the first of these actions, “Mission & values” posters were distributed to and displayed in the subsidiaries. In addition, so-called “praise cards” are available in digital and hard copy formats. These can be bestowed in recognition of colleagues who embody a specific company value in an exemplary manner.

Celebration of the launch of the company values

In addition, events planned and delivered by the project team are intended to help employees experience these values in action first-hand. These provide employees with an opportunity to ask questions and to get involved in the dialogue. A first event of this kind was held in India. At all four locations on the subcontinent, the Indian colleagues celebrated the in-house launch of the new company values and engaged with them intensively.

Company values staged in front of the camera

The WIKA relay marathon also enabled the project team to present the company values to a broader public. Those who wanted to, posed at the team’s booth in front of a photo box with a company value (see photo). An after-work party in Klingenberg gave the Values team their next opportunity to showcase “Teamwork” as a value. More events are to follow!

Go to our careers portal to learn more about WIKA’s company values. More information on the company can be found on the WIKA website.

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