Nature and industry: The SGF plant of WIKA Poland borders on a Natura 2000 area protected by the EU.

Nature and industry can exist in harmony. This is shown by the production facility SGF of WIKA Poland. It is located in the north of Włocławek and borders on a so-called Natura 2000 area. This is one of many precious natural areas protected in the European Union.

Today, the Natura 2000 network comprises about one fifth of the entire EU territory. WIKA had to plan its additional location in Poland so that at least 25 percent of its area remains biologically active. The concept of nature besides industry has been a success. Even deer get close to the production site.

The uniqueness of the dwarf everlast

These large animals, however, are not even what is special about the adjacent nature reserve. Neither is the dense pine forest or the small but enchanting pond. It is rather the presence of a plant known for its extraordinary properties and which must be protected at the same time: Helichrysum arenarium or dwarf everlast.

The yellow-flowered plant of the daisy family occurs in Europe and North Asia. With a maximum size of 30 centimetres, it is rather inconspicuous, but strong-smelling. In addition, the flower has healing properties that have been confirmed by modern medicine. Helichrysum arenarium has a strong diastolic effect on the gall bladder muscles and stimulates the liver. It is also helpful for complaints such as bile duct inflammation, indigestion or gallstones. It is most commonly used in tinctures, globules or herbal teas.

Harmony between nature and industry is also beneficial for employees

In any case, the colleagues who work at the SGF are not only delighted about the dwarf everlast. They also enjoy the tranquillity, fresh air and beautiful views of their immediate charming natural surroundings.

Further information on the subsidiary can be found on the website of WIKA Poland. Our international locations can be found on the WIKA website. There we also provide you with an overview of the company’s activities and goals regarding sustainability.

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